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Autism Spectrum Disorders inc. Aspergers Syndrome


The theory we broach on this site is that Autism/Asperger’s syndrome is caused by an infection of the brain. The condition can be treated. Children can be prevented from developing Autism/Asperger’s syndrome. Children with Autism/Asperger’s syndrome can have their medical problems stabilised and can even improve substantially to normal. Children can be prevented from developing related conditions which appear to have no relationship to Autism/Asperger’s syndrome such as Dyslexia.

Because modern science does not understand the genesis of Autism/Asperger’s syndrome, it misses the presence of many ancillary conditions which require treatment in their own right. Conditions which indicate how rampant the damage to the brain is and to what extent it is progressing.

Paill Spectrum showcases the organism which causes the damage. It is not a new condition. It has been with humanity for a long time. With the advent of the 21st century, it is time we stopped allowing this condition to destroy human lives. Children who will never reach their full potential. Children becoming adults who can only function at a basic level. Adults who are forever held in the grip of a brain disease causing a range of psychiatric symptoms.

This site talks about the symptoms and signs of Autism/Asperger’s syndrome as well as other conditions which may be present but are often not recognised. It discusses testing and treatment for the condition. It talks about developmental issues in children.

To have this condition develop Is no longer an unfortunate accident. It is an act of stupidity and carelessness. Condemning lives and minds to darkness .

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