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Autism Aspergers . . . . . .

The Paill Spectrum model of disease as developed by Dr. Xxxxx
proposes new treatments for these conditions, that are distinctly
different from current medical opinions.

The radical new model pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx, explains the
causes of many medical conditions that currently have no known cause.
The typical Aspergers's child is a very strange little beast.
The nature and extent of the deficits varies widely between patients.

 Kinkajou Kinkajou: What is the Importance of the "Diagnosis of Developmental Disorders" in Changing Prognosis ?

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: There is considerable disagreement in the medical world as to what definition is needed to identify many of these conditions. 

The tightest definition of Aspergers’s Syndrome (symptoms and signs of illness), exists in the DSM IV TR. Aspergers’ is regarded as one of the Autistic Spectrum disorders. These children have difficulty learning in many areas of development such as language, speech, socialization as well as balance and coordination problems. 

DSM 5 DSM-4 DSM-5 are the official manuals to define the criteria for the diagnosis of mental or psychiatric conditions. It is the official statement of the American Psychiatric Association.







There are a number of variant definitions of Aspergers, authored by a number of other medical authorities.  Often these definitions are much looser in diagnostic terms.  Identification of Aspergers traits or Aspergers Syndrome is critical, as these traits or symptom clusters do respond to specific directed intensive educational therapies. 

 If the children can be identified as varying in abilities significantly from the age norm, educational measures can be instituted leading to a change in the final functional status of the child. Many doctors familiar with these conditions, are in favour of using a looser definition of "Aspergers traits", as the best way to ensure all these kids get the help they may require or may benefit from.

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: The unique characteristic of children is that their abilities or skills are constantly developing.  Consequently, a “flat spot” in development is serious and needs to be investigated or diagnosed.  This “flat spot child” is not doing any worse with time, just not getting "better" with time. These may be regarded as early features of development delay or learning difficulties in children, and are typical of children with Aspergers or autism, in the Paill Spectrum model.

This creates problems in assessment.
Is a child who is improving, improving at sufficient speed? 
Is the rate of growth and development itself inadequate? 
A bright child who is falling back to average, is just as important as a slow child falling further and further behind his or her peers.

Dyslexia memory testing on our site can help to diagnose acute deteriorations before the child falls too far behind. Unlike traditional test methods the test can be done by anyone in a few minutes, with results that are almost telling you the answers without needing specific training for diagnosis. 

Goo the Numbat Goo: Even a numbat can make the diagnosis!

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: The underlying disease process according to the Paill Spectrum model , is the same in both.

The long-term complications are similar. The Paill Spectrum model says that in fact treatment can substantially alter the progress of the disease. You don't just have to sit there and watch your kid’s mind fuzz away. You can improve learning and disability if you treat the children. It needs to be the right treatment though.

Kinkajou Kinkajou: And as Goo said previously, this treatment is simple and cheap- it works for any kid at any stage of the illness- to varying extents, and predominantly at a basic level usually involves just doing things different.


Dyslexia Dyslexia is characterised by word jumbles and flips. Word recognition is difficult because the brain's "pattern recognition" for words does not work.

Most doctors cannot even agree as to what this condition is and how to define and diagnose it.